The voice of the girl child is her future, why not give it to her now?
As we celebrate ; International Day of the Girl Child 2020 under the theme: “Our Voice, Our Equal Future “We are proud, girls are achieving a lot. Regardless a majority of girls still remain vulnerable especially in this era of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Girls should be able to lend their voice towards creating a sustainable future for themselves and other girls.

For us at Dels Foundation we believe the Future girls want, is now. To make this happen we give girls the opportunity to harness their potential.
It is no doubt that ,there are so many obstacles such us teenage pregnancy, rape, abuse, early child marriage etc which marginalize the girl child and make her more vulnerable. The worst of it is how Covid-19 has negatively impacted many girls especially in the area of domestic abuse and domestic work.
Through Dels Foundations Pride if Being a Girl conferences, we have invested and empowered 500 girls in Ghana. We helped them build their self esteem, boosted their confidence and gave them back their “voice”.

Through our teen invest Project, we have harnessed the potentials of 50 Teenage girls with children. Majority of these girls still remain vulnerable and at the mercy of many vices and poverty. Our 50 teenage mothers have undergone counselling, reproductive health education, mentoring and skill training which has given them the future they want.
The future we want: The time is now.

Author : Comfort Glikpo
Team Lead
Dels Foundation